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Update: Thank you Brenda Konkel, for the link you gave me on your blog, even though you referred to my account of the events as “weak sauce.” You humbled my unforgivably big ego and also introduced me to a new phrase. Dear readers, I promise my next council meeting will involve an attempt to stay the whole thing…almost. I will have to go a lone – friends and Madison politics don’t mix.

Here’s what happened in the first 40 mins of yesterday’s council meeting:

Brenda Konkel’s repping. Bryon Eagon is wearing a blue tie.

Alcohol licenses – incredible. The amount of deference to Mike Verveer and the ALRC is impressive, but nevertheless, expected. No matter what restaurants comes up – Hooters, some Mexican place etc.

Item number 14? New license for Electric Earth Cafe? Ald. Verveer? Move to adopt and refer to the ALRC. Is there a second? All those in favor say aye…all those opposed? The motion is adopted.

Ald. Schumacher wants to call the council’s attention to the unique names of the sandwiches on the menu.

Royce Williams, a citizen, is coming down to voice opposition to something. A retired individual from district 10. He’s talking about “Madison being green.” He’s upset about the bus terminal demolition – if you’re not up to date the Badger Bus/Greyhound terminal is getting bulldozed to build an apartment complex.

Williams is talking about how Champagne-Urbana, in Illinois, is the model for this plan, which is apparently inappropriate because it’s a third of the size of Madison.

Rose Mary Lee to support the plan:

The Meyer family has been in Madison for 100 years – they’re reliable, says RM. A bunch of people support it, she says. It will provide attractive, new landscape, new buildings. Provide construction jobs during the job. Poor greyhound? Whatever. It’s part of the largest conglomerate in the world. Who cares? Don’t feel sorry for Greyhound (actual words).

Susan Devoss to add her opposition:

They should delay.

Some guy whose name I didn’t get:

The city has only one inter-city bus terminal. This plan will eliminate that illogically. There’s too much traffic. Langdon St. can’t support additional traffic, which it will if all the other buses have to go to the Memorial Union instead of this bus station.

Randy Bruce, in support:

Oh great, we get visual aids. He’s one of the architects for the project. He says a lot of late 19th century industrial architecture in the neighborhood? What? I didn’t know Kelly’s Market was [insert pretentious architectural term]. He’s showing a brick building, and unnecessarily justifying this thing. Everybody is going to just vote it through. Nobody cares. UW does not want to act as a bus depot (memorial union) but that’s what this plan will force it to do.

Barbara Smith in opposition:

There needs to be a strong alternative plan. The alternatives leave Greyhound “homeless.” They will leave the service pick up customers on unsafe street corners. This will make bus travel inconvenient.

Beth Harper in opposition:

Librarian for UW, member of Progressive Dane. Chooses not to drive a car. A story about a bus terminal. My two companions are interested in leaving, so it looks like I’ll have to try next time to make it  the whole way through.

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4 Responses to “Live blogging council – Update”

  1. Ordinary Jill Says:

    To be fair, nothing was demolished to make room for Kelly’s Market (the Hotel Washington, unfortunately, burned to the ground). Maybe the proponents of the apartment complex should market the demolition of the Greyhound terminal as an anti-crime measure. After all, how did most of those homeless alcoholics who hang around the neighborhood get to Madison in the first place?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    How did the homeless people get to Madison? Probably the same way most other people got to Madison: they were born here, or moved here in better times (came by car), got a ride from friends or family, or even (I know it’s unthinkable) FLEW HERE and took a cab from the airport.

    Homeless people usually were here long before being homeless. They stay wherever they were in better times, or are here because they have family: parents, brothers/sisters, kids.

    Shows how little you know about homelessness.

    Sconz – I agree with Brenda – weak sauce. Try to scan the agenda and issues before you try blogging about the Council. Otherwise you sound like a major doofus.

    • Ordinary Jill Says:

      Dude (or Dudette), I was being sarcastic, making a point about certain local politicians selling a broad range of policies as “anti-crime” measures. If Mayor McCheese had been at the meeting, maybe the anti-crime card would have been played.

  3. The Sconz Says:

    Who said I don’t try to sound like a doofus?

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