A must read for every college student


For some of us, this New York Times article hits VERY close to home.

School’s out for summer 2009, and instead of getting a jump on the boundless futures that parents and colleges always promised them, students this year are receiving a reality check.

The well-paying summer jobs that in previous years seemed like a birthright have grown scarce, and pre-professional internships are disappearing as companies cut back across the board. Recession-strapped parents don’t always have the means or will to bankroll starter apartments or art tours of Tuscany.

Numbers provide the backdrop to the story — not just the grimly familiar national unemployment rate, 9.5 percent in June, but the even scarier, less publicized unemployment figure for 16- to 19-year-olds, which has hit 24 percent, up from 16.1 percent two years ago.

Next article: Unemployed college students turn to blogging.

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4 Responses to “A must read for every college student”

  1. Sam Clegg Says:

    Also depressing is the lesser quality of many of the jobs being offered. It’s harder than ever, even for some friends in engineering, to get internships or jobs or whatever relevant to their careers.

  2. das Says:

    Buncha bourgeois sissies, the whole lotta ya. A lil’ poverty’ll build ya some character, see.

  3. Lbb Says:

    Just go to grad school.

  4. KB Says:

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