Sarah Palin too beautiful for government


At least that’s what you can expect to hear over the next few hours on cable news shows. Just take a stroll through the comments section of Ann Althouse, a UW law professor and avid Rush Limbaugh fan. Among my favorite comments:

Nothing seems to stop this warrior woman.

There are people who would like to be president of what america was, but no one wants to be president of what it is.

What’s incredible is that even the NYTimes is discussing this sudden resignation as a possible move to gear up for a 2012 presidential bid. How can such a claim be met with anything but ridicule? Could America possibly be that stupid? I always tell people that, hey, maybe Obama wasn’t the most experienced guy – I voted for a smart, lawyer dude. Sarah Palin is neither smart nor experienced, and she’s already got all the publicity she needs.

My bet would be a talk radio gig. She’d be great, she can screen out the critical callers and she can talk about little league hockey here and there.

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One Response to “Sarah Palin too beautiful for government”

  1. Ordinary Jill Says:

    My husband thinks she’s going to be the NRA’s new figurehead, replacing the late Charleton Heston. I suppose that would be one way to remain relevant to the base and gain “private sector” experience.

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