Gingrich raises money for guy he’s never heard of


Newt came to the Sconz to raise money for some guy who’s had a “tremendous record” as Milwaukee County executive. Instead he ended up raising a bunch of money for  Scott Walker.

Asked during a Q&A with reporters whether his appearance was an endorsement of Walker, Gingrich said it was not but praised Walker for his base of support and for having “a tremendous record” as county executive.

Translation: Look, I honestly have never heard of this guy before but he is the executive of Milwaukee County and he is a Republican for Christ’s sake! What the fuck do you want from me?

Gingrich said he was invited to come at the behest of Wisconsin Republican heavyweights Terry and Mary Kohler before Neumann said he planned to run.

What he should have said:

Scott Walker just looks like a winner – he reminds me of Rick Santorum back in the 90’s. Also, the welfare of Milwaukee County happens to be a cause extremely close to my heart. If I didn’t live in D.C. or Georgia…I would definitely live in Milwaukee.

Gingrich told the large crowd at the Milwaukee Hilton City Center that the party needs to follow a policy of inclusion, rather than outreach, to be successful.

“Outreach is when a bunch of white guys hide in a room, make up a policy and call three friends who are black or Latino; inclusion is when they’re in the room with you designing the policy,” Gingrich said to applause.

Translation: Plus, Milwaukee has blacks. If Scott won there he must know something about them.

Some wingnuts are upset about all this  “inclusivity” talk from Republicans. Don’t worry guys, I’m sure Newt hasn’t forgotten his roots. I’ll leave you with a quote from the good ol’ days, when being an unabashed racist was still fashionable in the GOP leadership.

“People in Cobb County [his district] don’t object to neighbors who keep their lawns cut and move to the area to avoid crime. What they worry about is the bus line gradually destroying apartment complex after another, gradually people come in for public housing who have no middle class values, and whose kids as they become teenagers are often centers of robberies and where the schools collapse because the parents of the kids who live in the apartment complexes don’t care that the kids don’t do well in school and the whole school collapses.” — Newt Gingrich

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One Response to “Gingrich raises money for guy he’s never heard of”

  1. Kyle Szarzynski Says:

    Walker’s base of support came from the white suburbs. He has no support from African-American quarters and his policies explain why. He would never, for instance, have been able to get elected as Milwaukee mayor.

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