Lawton for governor


A very real possibility. Caffeineited Politics comments on the prospect, with blogger Deke Rivers expressing excitement over the first female governor of the Badger State. Deke gets it wrong however, here:

To get to that point of course, Governor Jim Doyle needs to be appointed to a position by the Obama administration.

Nope. Doyle’s favoribility ratings have gone from bad to worse, and unless they drastically improve, which will only happen if the economy picks up, Doyle will likely withdraw from the running, either on his own terms or under pressure from state Democrats.

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3 Responses to “Lawton for governor”

  1. Ordinary Jill Says:

    Do you really believe that Lawton is more electable than Doyle in the general? Wisconsin voters already know what they hate about Doyle; once they get to know the eventual Republican nominee (either Neumann or Walker), most will hold their nose and vote for Doyle again (just like we did against Mark Green). Lawton is also something of a blank slate to most voters, but she is too far left to appeal to most Independents, or even a lot of Wisconsin Democrats outside of Madison. I think the only way Lawton will ever be Governor is if she ends up finishing out Doyle’s term.

  2. Nonies Says:

    I hardly see Doyle withdrawing from the running if the next Democratic candidate would be Barbara Lawton.

    “He also deleted a newly created fourth position in Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton’s office. Lawton, a Democrat like Doyle, argued the position was needed to help with constituent services, but Doyle said the position was not a priority at a time when the state was cutting budgets.”

    How about cutting some of his own staff? They number in the double digits, and Lawton doesn’t even get four? Seems rotten to me.

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