Michael Jackson mourning brings world peace


Mahmoud, you still looking for a way to win your people’s trust? Take a hint from every other world leader.

President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela called the star’s death “lamentable news,” though he criticized the media for giving it so much attention. Former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, who had met Mr. Jackson, said: “We lost a hero of the world.”

Fans lit candles at a spontaneous gathering in Hong Kong, while in the Philippines, a dance tribute was planned for a prison in Cebu, where Byron Garcia, a security consultant, had 1,500 inmates join in a synchronized dance to the “Thriller” video.

tour had been pushed back to July 13 from July 8, fans gathered to mourn. The British culture secretary, Ben Bradshaw, issued a statement to announce his grief. He said he was “a long-time fan of Michael Jackson and had Billie Jean played as the first dance at his civil partnership,” the Guardian reported.


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One Response to “Michael Jackson mourning brings world peace”

  1. steve baker Says:

    I would pay quite a bit to see those inmates dancing, in sync, to Billie Jean.

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