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I was the first commenter on Bryon Eagon’s new blog. Eagon is a student alderman representing Madison’s 2nd district 8th district (my very own).

It would be very much appreciated if more Common Council members started blogging. That way I wouldn’t be dependent on Brenda Konkel for news on the happenings of that lot. Nothing against Brenda but her devotion to her work has sometimes led her to report each meeting, rather than analyze it. Ald. Blank sets his drink down, clears his throat, and asks if anybody has change for a 5 – discussion on iced tea ensues.

Eagon admits that he still hasn’t mastered the blogosphere’s “set of tubes,” but he does have a blackberry and a twitter account, which is connected to the blog. That makes things so much easier, and I realize that I should do the same. NOTE: I do not have a blackberry – I am still a man of the people.

Update: Kristin Czubkowski asks us who from city government we want to see blogging. She suggests Ald Jeb Sanborn, a “libertarian-leaning conservative.” The void that most obviously needs to be filled is that of the “fascist-leaning conservative,” which of course is filled by David Blaska in the Dane County blogosphere. By the way, I am honored by Blaska’s response to my heaps of praise on his anti-sagged pants cause.

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5 Responses to “Bryon Eagon’s blog”

  1. webcopter Says:

    More like an isolationist.

  2. KB Says:

    8th district, Craver, 8th district. If I had a nickel for every time a current or former BH employee messed that up…I’d have about a quarter!

  3. Erik Paulson Says:

    Brenda mixes an awful lot of analysis in with her reporting. It’s not usually pithy 450-word “here’s what to think” posts, but good lord, did you read the EDC meeting posts the past few days? That was more analysis about a single meeting than the entire Common Council has publicly produced on everything combined this year.

  4. Kyle Szarzynski Says:

    I assume you read Brenda’s blog, so I’m not sure how could come to the conclusion that it’s only informational. In every post that I read her opinions are more than clear. Then again, I’m surprised you would want her to to amplify her “far left” views, anyway.

    And yea, Maniaci is 2nd district, which is neither your district nor Eagon’s.

  5. The Sconz Says:

    Erik and Kyle, you guys are probably right, and yes, I was purposefully exaggerating. I do admire Konkel’s dedication, whether or not I always find the info useful.

    And Erik, if the 450 words of pith is directed at me – thank you! I hope you are taking my directions on what to think.

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