Jim Sensebrenner – a civil rights activist?


There is no man who “throws down” harder for far right causes than Rep. Jim Sensebrenner (R-WI). Former chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Sensenbrenner was the lead advocate against any reasonable reform on immigration.

Mr. Sensenbrenner is so loath to risk dealing with illegal immigrants that when his Cadillacs need cleaning, he prefers do-it-yourself car washes that require tokens. “They don’t have Montezuma’s picture on the front of them,” Mr. Sensenbrenner says of the tokens.

Love the plural on Cadillac. This man is a Republican through and through. Suburban, rich, and enormously proud of it.

So where in Sensenbrenner’s GOP-paved journey did he pick up the cause of southern blacks? He was the lead Republican sponsor of its renewal back in 1982, when even Ronald Reagan opposed it. And just today, he expressed outrage at the Supreme Court’s decision to side with a local governing unit in Texas, which did not believe it should be subject to the restrictions of the Voting Rights Act, which specifies that southern voting districts need federal approval before they make any changes in election law.

“There is an extensive record that shows that discrimination still continues, yet the Supreme Court has unfortunately taken away this important protection for minorities to have their votes fairly cast and fairly counted,” Sensebrenner said.

He even used the words “discrimination” and “minority” in his statement, both of which are anathema in Republican talking points.

NOTE: The Supreme Court decision did not overturn the Voting Rights Act, as evidenced by the liberal wing in the majority opinion. It simply ruled that this particular group in Texas could be “bailed out” and treated as, uh, non-southern.


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