Gun nuts take advantage of recent killings


Thank God we don’t live in an area where this type of perverse logic picks up steam:

Candice Dainty, statewide organizer for the national group Second Amendment Sisters, is outspoken in her belief that guns — carried in the open or concealed — should be allowed anywhere: schools, public buildings, hospitals.

With two area murders in the past two weeks, two officers shot, and a popular candy store owner killed in Milwaukee — all by gunfire — it might seem to be an odd time to try to get more guns on the street. But gun advocates say this is the perfect time to build momentum for a movement that is already gaining traction.

Earlier this year, she tried to organize a rally to take place on June 16 on the grounds of the State Capitol. She scrubbed the plan, ironically, because she was afraid of who might show up with a gun.

“In every whole group, you’re going to have a nut case or two,” she says. “And my rally drew out the nut cases.”

Really? So supporting concealed weapons is great until, well, people are actually allowed to carry them.

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