Senate Democrats: a gang of sell outs


Forward Thinking hits the nail on the head: disgusting, despicable.

An email leaked from State Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) shows the senator boasting about his efforts to remove a provision of the budget that would have allowed the children of undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition for college. In addition, a proposal to allow illegal immigrants to get driving cards was taken out by Senate Democrats. Ironically Senate Democrats have made “common-sense” driving safety issues somewhat of a theme in their budget talking points, including a new law that will allow cops to pull over drivers without seat belts and a provision to make auto insurance mandatory.

Furthermore, a very comprehensive article in the Journal-Sentinel discusses the Senate Dems surrender on the oil tax, which could have raised the price of gas up to 4 cents a gallon. Their alternative, which will raise capital gains taxes on about 9% of state residents, is a reasonable plan, but it’s nauseating to listen to them justify it by alleging that they are protecting “Wisconsinites at the pump.”

At least the Senate Dems have gone ahead and endorsed a plan to create domestic partner registries.

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