Feingold reps Janesville to Obama


It looks like Mr. Ethics found the time to talk to the president of the United States about something that the founders probably didn’t envision the commander in chief dealing with when they wrote the constitution. And not just because the internal combustion engine had yet to be invented.

“Although the president was clear, as he has been in the past, that he does not intend to ‘meddle’ in specific decisions of this kind, he listened closely and indicated he understood how important auto industry jobs are to Wisconsin,” Feingold said in a statement.

So what was ol’ Russ’ case? What can Obama do to make sure Wisconsin gets an especially good deal? Is Feingold merely another voice in favor of aid for GM, with the hopes that some of it comes back to the state?

What would be more effective?

“Yo Barry, if you can do something to give Janesville a hand, I promise to shut up about whatever the hell you’re planning to do with those Gitmo bastards. And I’m tellin’ you, if I don’t make a fuss about it, nobody will.”

Not that that’s a likely scenario. I always tell people that Russ Feingold is the only member of the U.S. Congress in whom I’ve vested an enormous amount of trust. No other politician would disappoint me more if discovered to be corrupt than Feingold. That’s why I would really, really like an explanation for why he voted against funding for shutting down Guantanamo Bay. If, truth be told, the lone senator against the Patriot Act has been corrupted by party, propaganda and careerism, then dammit, there’s no hope in D.C.

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2 Responses to “Feingold reps Janesville to Obama”

  1. Ordinary Jill Says:

    I feel the same way. On the other hand, I was heartened that Feingold spoke out against Obama’s proposal for “prolonged detention”.

  2. Todd Stevens Says:

    Being the good Minnesota boy I am, I’ve always thought of Feingold as the closest thing we have left to Paul Wellstone (though the cynicism I’ve gained since Wellstone’s death has kept me from giving Feingold the same amount of respect), so this would be a rather disappointing development for me as well.

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