Scott Walker about 2300% off


I’m sure he just misspoke. Or he was just trying to get the point across. You’ve never exaggerated before? Now these bastard journalists are jumping down the man’s throat because when he said “$15 million budget deficit” he actually only meant “$650,000 deficit.”

Truth be told, it’s not the end of the world to have a county executive who has no idea what goes on in the county. It becomes a problem when that same airhead attempts to implement policy that coincides with his delusion.

Walker said he won’t back off his 35-hour week plan – at least not now. He said supervisors were clinging to an overly optimistic shortfall scenario.

“We can’t wait ’til the end of the year and hope” some money materializes that may not, Walker said.

The name “Walker” is not all that Scott shares with former President Bush. Hopefully the people of Wisconsin recognize this before it’s too late.

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2 Responses to “Scott Walker about 2300% off”

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    […] It is no wonder that Walker isn’t picking up a lot of respect from near or far. […]

  2. Scott Walker is a good politician « The Sconz Says:

    […] notion that Walker’s head is made for money mathematics was not pulled from the record. Like, all the other numbers Walker regularly cites, it comes right from the collective ass of the Republican Party. Possibly related posts: […]

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