WI congressmen hit by the recession


But not enough. Sensenbrenner is not yet poor enough to qualify for food stamps, with an estimated net worth of $8.9 million. A bit of a surprise here – Tammy Baldwin has a net worth of about $1.1 million, which makes me doubt whether she actually votes for herself. All she has to do is look over at Sen. Herb Kohl, who, with an income of about $4.9 million only pays $200 k in federal income taxes, to know that President Bush did everything he could for millionaires. By the way, Kohl’s income is a pittence compared to his total worth, which is somewhere in the hundreds of millions if you include the Milwaukee Bucks and other business ventures.

Good for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel for asking these guys to submit their financial records. And shame on 7/9 of them for not disclosing completely. Baldwin and…surprise surprise…Russ Feingold were the only two who submitted complete records, including income, net worth and tax returns.


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