If you need a license and you can’t drive..


Go to the Eastside DMV in Madison. They fail 75 percent less drivers there than at the Westside DMV, according to the State Journal.

“It’s what kids talk about in school,” she said. “If they can get an East Side test, they’re going to head to the East Side because they just know they have a better chance of passing a road test.”

Of the 11 examiners at Madison West who administered more than 100 road tests for class D — or regular noncommercial — driver’s licenses in 2008, six gave failing marks to 35 percent or more of the tests they graded, including one examiner who failed almost half of them. The lowest fail rate among those examiners was 22 percent.

Conversely, of the seven examiners at Madison East who administered more than 100 class D tests in 2008, the highest failure rate was 27 percent in 2008. The lowest was 12 percent.

I’m pretty sure the guy that tested me had never failed anybody in his career. He was much more concerned with the poor quality of my air conditioning system than the fact that I clearly could not parallel park.


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