Dems dig Lawton


Apparently if Jimmy’s not up for a third term it will likely be Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton for the Dems. It looks like she’s got the necessary support among the party high-ups, and she has a relatively high profile in the state, at least much more so than any other statewide politician besides perhaps Russ Feingold, who has never voiced interest in the position. But isn’t that an interesting idea? What if Feingold did want to run? Would voters look as kindly upon a gubernatorial bid from ol’ Rusty? I suppose it would be unwise to get rid of the one guy in Washington who believes in the U.S. Constitution.

Lawton is apparently doing about as well in the polls as Doyle. She leads both Michael Neumann and Scott Walker, although slightly less people are willing to commit to Lawton than Doyle (more undecideds), likely because she has less name recognition. However, for a two term incumbent, Doyle’s looking awfully weak. His favorability rating is below 50%.

Lawton could be a formidable candidate. People who hear her tend to make fun of her voice and mannerisms but..they also tend to like her. Her reputation of getting a wee bit tipsy compliments that image.

A disturbing development is the discussion of J.B. Van Hollen as a gubernatorial candidate. Somebody who has actually won a statewide race against a Democrat in the last 3 years and a supporter or lenient drunk driving laws, VH could be that magic dose of idiocy that propels the Republicans to victory.

The one guy who would really cause problems for the Dems if he wanted to is Tommy Thompson. Thompson’s the only Republican who leads Lawton or Doyle in the polls (46 to 44 and 47 to 45, respectively).


7 Responses to “Dems dig Lawton”

  1. Nonies Says:

    Yay for Lawton!!

  2. Anonyies Says:

    ❤ the LG!

  3. anon Says:

    How did the second comment go before the first?

    Lawton’s too far to the left and the poll numbers suggest a close race no matter who runs from the D’s. Frankly, she beat shitty candidates (Falk?) in a straw poll.

  4. The Concerned Contrarian Says:

    Well, Lawton better run this time. Because if she doesn’t do it this time, she’ll have a whole ‘nother four years driving herself places.And that has potential scandal written all over it. Take a lesson from Peg, Barbie: Lay off the sauce!

  5. Anon Says:

    Thompson was in the Bush Administration, the Dems would eat him alive pointing to every major health issue that was poorly addressed during his time at HHS. His very beatable.

  6. Anon Says:

    She could win in Madison and Milwaukee, but I am doubtful about the fox valley and the northern part of the state

    • Anon Says:

      “She could win in Madison and Milwaukee, but I am doubtful about the fox valley and the northern part of the state”

      Not true … she is from Green Bay and much-beloved up there, and throughout the north woods.

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