Scott Walker is absolutely right


It’s always unfortunate when a major party candidate for office is a complete dimwit, but it’s especially unfortunate when it takes place North of the Mason-Dixon line. It never ceases to amaze me how a state like Wisconsin, which would most accurately be referred to as a moderate state with a strong progressive tradition, can be host to a Republican Party that is every bit as crazy as its Bible Belt counterparts. It resembles a religious cult much more than a political party, as its positions generally reflect ideology and hate rather than analysis of policy. It celebrates ignorance with a passion that would make Thomas Jefferson weep for acquiring the state in the Louisiana Purchase.

Scott Walker would be case and point. Walker, who is disturbingly still running a county whose services he was forced to forfeit to the state, has an entire section of his campaign website dedicated to “government spending & reform.” In it, he outlines how with him as governor, Wisconsin will have the privilege of having a leader who will “require the use of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) to balance every state budget, just as we require every local government and school district to do.”

This is one case where I guarantee you Walker is telling the truth. You see, being a righteous Republican is not the only way to balance a budget in Wisconsin. The state constitution, which mandates a balanced budget be passed every biennium, renders any governor of the Badger State a ball-breaking budget balancer.

Banking on the ignorance of the electorate is perhaps the most effective tactic in the history of democratic government, up there with “banking on the knowledge of the electorate.”  Let’s hope the latter prevails in this case.


4 Responses to “Scott Walker is absolutely right”

  1. capper Says:

    For your information, young man, Walker has yet to pass a balanced budget. Every year there is a fiscal meltdown.

    One year, he tried to close the pools. Another year, he tried to close the community centers. This year, he threatened to cut core services, steal money from senior citizens and start a new tax on toddlers that he doesn’t even have the authority to create.

    Yeah, he’s a real peach of a budgeteer.

  2. capper Says:

    No, sir. I did see red with the line about GAAP, much like he uses that excuse for putting MKE CO in the red.

    Otherwise, well done.

    PS: The confusion most likely came from my not using the emoticons.

  3. Voice of the People Says:

    “Young man, young man.”
    I’ll show you young man, you cock goblin. Scott Walker 2010! If Scott Walker really taxed toddlers it was probably because they DESERVED IT, getting, free education from the state, healthcare, and who knows what else!!

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