Who needs more nurses?


Not the state of Wisconsin, determined Assembly Democrats last night. Apparently Judy Robson’s not-so-sneaky earmark, a $47 nursing school at UW that really bothered Eric Schmidt, was cut from the budget last night in a motion put forth by Madison’s own Spencer Black.

I must say, as much love as I’ve got for nurses, and by the way Eric, there is a nursing shortage in this country, no earmark is more puzzling than this one. Typically earmarks are tiny little favors your slip in for a buddy in your district (I use the term buddy rather generously). This was in no way tiny, and in no way in Judy Robson’s district. The absurdity reaches its climax when you realize that the University of Wisconsin did not even request the multi-million dollar gift. Judy, I agree with you. The best presents are usually surprises. But when you’re shopping with other people’s money, it’s generally better to get a wish-list first.


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