Breaking news: SOAR is a pain in the ass


Essentially the jist of this Daily Cardinal article. But surprisingly the group “ice breakers” (demonstrate your favorite dance move) were not mentioned once. Apparently it’s all about construction…

As the 2009 Student Orientation and Registration session begins, officials say some challenges may arise as extensive construction projects continue throughout campus.

“This is definitely severe construction,” she said. “But if people pay attention to these things it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“[Construction] is the biggest challenge we’ve faced this year,” Singer said. “People are new to the campus, and they’re nervous.”

Severe construction? What are the symptoms and what is the prognosis? Traumatized freshmen?


One Response to “Breaking news: SOAR is a pain in the ass”

  1. I'm not giving my name to a machine Says:

    The construction is a huge pain in the ass. I’m happy we had so many shovel ready jobs but it takes me nearly 20 minutes to get home from the Lakeshore area to the downtown area on a moped. There is only one way to go, jammed with other motorists, and it is also under construction. EVERYONE has to go that way, and it’s a big shithole. WTF are they even doing? redoing all the sewers in madison?

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