What Wisconsin is missing out on


From Boots & Sabers: Tennessee to allow carrying a handgun in bars and restaurants.

Bravo Tennessee. Apparently carrying while intoxicated is still illegal but I’m sure that will change soon. Jack Daniel’s simply isn’t the same with a pocket knife.

This commenter summed it all up for us unfortunate Badgers:

We go to Tennessee a couple time per year and I always carry while there.  It will be great to be able to go out to eat and not have to disarm.  In 37 other states it is legal to go in taverns/restaurants that serve alcohol while packing.  You don’t read about any problems because there aren’t any.  Permit holders are the most law abiding segment of any state’s population.  They don’t jeopardize their permit by drinking while armed.  Looking forward to leaving this socialist tax hell at retirement and moving to Tennessee.

Wow. Carrying a gun must be like having a second penis. My advice for Wisconsin guys: don’t take your girl to Tennessee. There’s simply no way you can compete.


One Response to “What Wisconsin is missing out on”

  1. I'm not giving my name to a machine Says:

    Of course. The whole point of owning a handgun, unless you’re a police officer or of similar profession (sometimes), is to feel like a Real American, a MAN. It is the greatest metal penis extension money can buy.

    Sometimes they are used for self defense, but more usually they are used to “settle” dumb ass arguments.

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