Wiscards no longer completely useless


At least for those upper-classmen who don’t use the SERF or check out library books. And yes, although technically you need one to get into Memorial Library, I’m pretty sure you can flash anything at those people and they’ll be satisfied. Anyway, now we’ll also be able to use them as debit cards.

University of Wisconsin-Madison students will soon have the option of using their school identification as debit cards.

UW-Madison is entering into a contract that gives UW Credit Union the exclusive right to provide the service for up to 10 years. In exchange, the university is expected to receive as much as $6.4 million in revenue.

Here’s an important part not to miss:

Some universities have been criticized for steering student business to banks in exchange for receiving more revenue, but UW-Madison’s deal is not structured that way.

The school will get the same amount of revenue no matter how many students sign up for the checking accounts.

So now those state st store owners will reply “Of course!” to those clueless freshman who ask if they can use Wiscard to buy a burrito or a bong.

So if I already have a credit union account, will I automatically be able to use my wiscard as a debit card when I get a new one (I lost my old one back in November and couldn’t bear to drop $25 for another)? Probably not, but why would it matter anyway? I already have a UW credit union debit card.


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