A low grade for class rank system in Dane


A number of high schools have or are in the process of getting rid of class rank, in which students are ranked from 1 to infinity based on their GPAs.

The reasoning is that the system encourages kids to take easy classes to get the easy A, skipping out on challenges, expanded horizons, and all that other good stuff.

One of the proposed alternatives is a “laude” system, in which students can earn recognition for taking hard classes by multiplying their GPA by the number of AP classes they take.

Is this really that hard to figure out? Is the idea of a “weighted GPA” really that foreign? We had it at my high school. The GPA was out of 5.0, with an A in an AP class equaling 5.0, an A in honors 4.5, and an A in regular 4.0. Is that plan too complicated for Dane schools to cope with?


3 Responses to “A low grade for class rank system in Dane”

  1. I'm not giving my name to a machine Says:

    5.0 scales are retarded. It’s 4.0 or bust. All other systems are being overly contrived. Come to think of it, UW’s policy of not giving out A-‘s or B+’s is also re re. The idea that a 91% is equal to an 87% is fucked up, and unfair. Each shit, bring back the 3.667 A-. and the 3.333 B+.

  2. Nonies Says:

    Not to mention the fact that most colleges “unweigh” those weighted GPAs before they look at a student.

  3. The Sconz Says:

    Yes, but the class rank is based on the weighted, which demonstrates the level of the classes you take etc.

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