Some media criticism to end the day


While I try to stay local in most of my commentary, I can’t resist discussing a link posted on facebook  by Editor-in-Chief of the Badger Herald, Jason Smathers, relating to MSNBC blowhard Keith Olbermann.

Apparently Olbermann has made it his mission in life to defend the veracity of Mancow, a right wing Chicago talk radio personality who, in the spirit of good old fashioned publicity, agreed to be waterboarded on air. After lasting only 6 seconds, the radio host surrendered and later described the procedure as “much worse than expected.” Admirable, to fess up to the truth, right? Here’s the only problem – the whole thing was a hoax, as discovered by reporters for the Gawker. Emails indicated that the stunt was made to appear real but wasn’t, that it wasn’t even performed by professionals. However, because Olbermann had used Mancow to advance his point on waterboarding (a very legitimate point nonetheles), he has not only refused to accept the evidence, but has lashed out at those who criticize the same attention-monger/jokester who alleged that Barack Obama was a closet Muslim and that Hillary Clinton had a secret tape of Michelle Obama making racist remarks.

Here’s the link between the two men: both are businessmen are neither are journalists. Keith Olbermann, the self-annointed liberal response to Bill O’Reilly, is really nothing more than a media stunt that allows MSNBC to compete with the tabloid-friendly audience that Fox News has dominated for the last decade. It’s mind-blowing that he’s become somewhat of a hero in liberal circles in Madison, where you’d think people who pay tens of thousands of dollars for Poli Sci educations would see through the hours that man dedicates each week to, surprise, criticizing the competing network! It’s so pathetic how easily people can be distracted from real issues by a self-masturbatory rant about Ann Coulter, another commentator of the same ilk.

The irony is that Keith Olbermann, if anything, promotes “Faux News.” He promotes and even celebrates the false left vs. right dichotomy that FNC has perfected. Moreover, rather than rising above neanderthals like Sean Hannity, whose earnest stupidity and adherence to superiors (Dick Cheney) makes him practically an American hero, Olbermann puts them up on a right wing pedestal and lectures them, as if his points are ever going to make a difference. He knows they won’t. That’s why his points are never interesting, never depart from conventional wisdom or rather the party line, and he absolutely never asks guests questions that can result in an answer he isn’t looking for.

Keith Olbermann is bad for liberals, bad for the media, and bad for America. Keith Olbermann is the worst person in the world.


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