New student rep on liquor license committee


I was impressed to see that the Cardinal and Herald had updated their websites with some breaking news stories. Both papers ran unrelated alcohol-related stories. The Herald first ran an article on Johnny O’s and Mad Ave’s liquor license probations, as a result of underage drinking. The Cardinal ran a front page story on the possible revocation of the Kollege Klub’s liquor license, for the same reason. According to the Herald, Ram Head is still under review.

Most importantly, however, in terms of long term policy changes, is the appointment of a student to the Alcohol License Review Committee. Apparently the man for the job is 8th District Alderman candidate Mark Woulf. For those of you who forgot or didn’t care, Woulf was defeated by current Ald. Brian Eagon sometime around spring break/whenever the spring elections are. Nevertheless, he surprised many by making it to the second round after finishing in a strong second, well ahead of the Progressive Dane candidate Katrina Flores.

So it looks like Woulf has a couple high profile cases to deal with immediately. There will be plenty of pressure on him to voice student concerns loudly and to protest any type of disciplinary action against any bar, including the several bars mentioned above, some of which probably never deserved to exist in the first place (Bull Feathers was apparently a good FAC place once upon a time). Unfortunately he missed his first meeting due to family affairs. Probably no biggie, just make sure to make the student voice clear, but more importantly, loud. There is likely very little in Madison worse than being complacent in a bar closing.

One Response to “New student rep on liquor license committee”

  1. Anonyies Says:

    Johnny O’s? Kollege Klub? How is that the Plaza, Frida and Regent Street Retreat always manage to slip through the cracks?

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