Scott Walker launches campaign website, question of patriotism looms


And the bastard didn’t even stay in-state, complains blogger Michael Horne.

The Milwaukee County Executive contracted a web service from Ohio to design this snazzy new website. I had never actually bothered to listen to Scott Walker talk before watching the 5 minute intro on his website. Didn’t make me quite ready to volunteer my services to Sara Mikolajczak.

However, signing up for MyScottSpot account became much harder to resist after this tear-jerker:

“In 1976 a patriotic young Scott, determined to purchase a flag for Plainfield City Hall, went door to door soliciting donations from his neighbors.”

Interestingly, the biography does not clarify whether little Scotty (the age of 9) was a Wisconsin patriot or a U.S. one, and whether the flag he was fighting for was Old Glory or Old Sconz. I expect this to become the predominant wedge issue in the 2010 Wisconsin gubernatorial election. I guess the whole fraud thing might be a problem too.

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