College Dems website bad, College Republicans don’t have website


I was orginally planning on discussing the unfortunate state of the College Democrats website, whose blog has not been updated since March 11, 2009. But then, just for shits and giggles, I visited the College Republicans site and found that, as far as I can see, it has been defunct since my freshman year of college. Visitors are encouraged to volunteer for the congressional campaign of Dave Magnum, and Mike Hahn, who I believe is currently in Iraq, is listed as the organization treasurer. But I guess I was naive to expect anything better.

So on to the College Dems…

If anything, this is the best time of the year to have an active blog going for a student organization. When it’s impossible to have regular meetings with free pizza, or even social functions with free beer, a blog is the best method to keep in touch with the group loyalists.

Looking at the posts from several months ago, it’s relatively easy to locate the problem. First off, the only people posting are a couple people at the top of the organization. Lavilla Capener, the communications director, Andrew Voss, the co-chair, and Paul Axel. They’re probably over-worked and have their minds on other things.

All they need to do is get a few enthusiastic people to post regularly – just some organization gossip, some tidbits about what’s happening on a state or local level, and even links to national news. Is there anything that mobilizes a base better than a killer youtube video of Joe the Plumber discussing his new book? The only thing I can think off would be the re-instatement of the draft.

A good blog, if anything, would foster intra-organization debate. People become interested in each other by discussing, arguing, interacting, and therefore have an incentive to go to the meetings and hang out with other members.

3 Responses to “College Dems website bad, College Republicans don’t have website”

  1. Anonyies Says:

    Agreed Sconz. When I was a freshman, my first source for finding out information on the College Dems was their website. The fact that their leadership is such a tight-knit clique can be a huge deterrent for those looking to get involved on a more casual basis. Offering UP-TO-DATE volunteer activities, internships, jobs, etc. would provide another outlet for those looking to help out the party, but not wanting to dedicate their lives to The College Dems. From my understanding, Reznick used to do a lot of the web stuff, including volunteer recruiting, but now that he’s cut his losses, the website has gone to hell.

  2. Molly Rivera Says:

    The College Dems Executive Board is aware that the blog and the website are out of date. Currently, we are in the process of creating completely new sites. As mentioned, the website and blog are important components to building and maintaining an organization. Therefore, as soon as possible, the College Dems intend to regularly update the new blog and website with new events, issues, etc.

    So stay tuned!

    Molly Rivera
    Chair, College Democrats of Madison

  3. Sam Clegg Says:

    Molly, no hate on the college dems, but do you seriously expect the college democrats to have stimulating arguments with each other on the blog? I know I have no right to talk as Muckrakers wallows in another year of abject mediocrity, but I cannot see the dems airing ideological laundry in a public forum.

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