Allegations of racial discrimination against MPD


The front page of the State Journal yesterday doesn’t mince words: Tasers used more on minorities.

The wording of the crucial part of the article is poorly worded, so I’ll try to summarize.

Although twice as many whites as nonwhites were arrested last year, twice as many nonwhites were tasered. Since the MPD first bought tasers in 2003, whites have been tasered 118 times versus 145 times for blacks.

Most important to me, however, is the fact that over half of those tasered during this time were being arrested for non-serious offenses.

The racial disparities at every level of the Wisconsin criminal justice system are a disgrace. Only two states, Iowa and Oklahoma, imprison blacks at a higher rate than we do. I don’t have the data on sentencing disparities in other states, but the situation in Wisconsin is horrible. Blacks are twice as likely to be sentenced to prison for a drug conviction than whites. The more you look at the numbers the easier it is to realize that the justice system merely reflects a much deeper problem of racial ghettoization throughout the state.

This article in the Herald from over a year ago discusses Madison’s inability to integrate its community in just about every way imaginable.


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