911 Center Trouble Again


A new case has emerged, this time concerning the 911 board’s handling of a call to the MPD’s non-emergency number. Nevertheless, the result is just as heartbreaking – it appears a man might have died as a result of the negligence. From the State Journal:

“Police were not sent by the center to respond to the call, which came in at about 10 a.m. from a neighbor who spotted the idling truck. The body of Farrell Kurlish, 32, was discovered at about 5 p.m. inside the truck parked on Cumberland Lane on the city’s East Side. The truck had a faulty exhaust system, authorities said.”

Here’s the transcript of the call:

Call taker: “Police and fire.”

Caller: “Yeah, there’s a pickup truck that’s been idling in front of my house for one half-hour. Is that legal?”

Call taker: “Sure.”

Caller: “Hmm?”

Call taker: “Yeah, sure.”

Caller: “In the street?”

Call taker: “Uh-huh.”

Caller: “Holy (expletive), what’s the town coming to?”


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